Learning through prototyping

+Design is our invitation to co-design with the stakeholder community of researchers, students and educators invested in learning futures. Our projects build on contemporary research in psychology, education and neuroscience. We do not presume that design  offers all the answers for translating this research into places of learning, but we do believe that design brings an innovative participatory approach to translational research that can significantly impact the traction of evidence-based research.

In crafting relevant, adaptive, scalable approaches to meta-learning we integrate a multi-modal approach to making, with an action research commitment to prototyping our ideas. At it’s core design is about the practice of navigating between the macro and the micro, with the back-and-forth between the contextual landscape of the research symbiotically informing the stakeholders in the process of co-designing the prototype. 


Design interventions offer a quick and dirty strategy for iteratively zooming between the general and the particular.

Oscillating between the headlines and the fine print the design researcher uses a project-grounded approach to learn from negotiating the latest learning science research, disruptions in learning technologies, and/or shifts in educational policy with the very situated concerns of a specific intervention grounded in a real world context. In this way the material or experiential prototype becomes a conceit by which to synthesize different modes of input and information. Rapidly generating potential solutions in response to iterative (re)framing of the problem is how we learn through participatory making.

Our co-design approach underscores the value of a human-centered, yet lean, research design that is grounded by our commitment to play test in classrooms, workshop with teachers and prototype with learning scientists. These rapid proof-of-concept experiments model for the participants ways to prototype, pilot and iterate learning interventions that might promote professional and personal resilience.